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The Link Between Your Cellphone and Violence in the DRC

Most Americans have never heard of coltan, yet every phone we use contains it. Mining it illegally in the Congo is responsible for sexual violence, slavery, and murder - get the facts.

Life in the Congo

While every other continent prospers, the Congo in Africa is home to over 750,00 orphans as a result of the deadliest conflict since WWII; mainstream American media ignores it.

Women and Children in Africa Need Intervention

When the U.S. becomes aware of coltan - what it is, how it is mined, and who pays the price - we can demand that our manufacturers obtain it legally, not at the hands of women and children forced to work in deadly mines.

Prayer is Our Greatest Weapon

We urge you to leave your prayers - Anonymously, if it suits you - and to visit our sister site at www.linkcongo.org to find out how you can directly help the people of the Congo, monetarily and/or with volunteer work just one hour per week.